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Tribute to Good Football

Wow, was that a blunder or was that a blunder yesterday at the match between Barcelona and Chelsea?! And I’m not saying it because I’m someone who simply cannot take defeats. I can. I just think Chelsea’s drop-out yesterday was SO UNFAIR!

Well, there’s not much I can do here, is there? But every little helps. So I decided to dedicate the title of my most recent article to every robbed party in every game in the history of football — The Shutout: Pragmatic Strategy of Popular Literature. Of course, the article is not about a football game (what do I know about it?). It is about games that popular literature plays with readers’ expectations to make as much cash as possible. However, if I have to talk in terms of game-playing, let it be the terms of football!

P.S. The article is coming out tomorrow in Literatūra ir menas (Lithuanian weekly Literature and Art).

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