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Those Who Read and Write…

Apparently, every year our Ministry of Science and Education administers a national initiative called ‘Week of Action’ (funny as it may seem, I always thought that our ministries devote all their years for action and only random weeks for leisure; naive me…).

The initiative takes place in different secondary schools around the country and this year it is especially dedicated for ‘Those Who Read and Write…’ (gee, this ministry cries for a decent copy-writer). Interestinly enough, I am going to be a part of it. Vilnius Gabija Gymnasium is inviting me to talk to their students at around midday on April 21st. As with all governmental initiatives, I am very little informed about my role and mission in the happening but, oh well, whatever it takes to encourage reading and writing. After all, this is what I do. So come what may, bring on that action, will you?

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2 Responses | “Those Who Read and Write…”

  1.   gintare rašo:

    a decent copyrighter would really help indeed… ;)

  2.   Aistė rašo:

    Thanks!!! How good to know at least somebody sees it my way-:))

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