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The Shutout

Oh, it turns out that Literatūra ir menas have a website where they post all the articles they publish. So my piece The Shutout: Strategy of Popular Literature is also there. Here is the link in case anyone is interested:

The article is classified as a book review, but it is not entirely true. I intended this piece as an analytical perspective on the phenomenon of popular literature through a closer look at one random example, Alfredo Abarca’s novel Confidential File. There are a few cuts and minor mistakes to the original draft, too. For example, the novel in question was translated into Lithuanian from Spanish, not from English. But in general, I think, the published piece gives you a pretty good idea of my hypothesis on the secret of popliterature’s popularity.

This publication wouldn’t have been possible without professor Wolfgang Iser who wrote a very inspiring study The Fictive and the Imaginative and the academic advisor of my MA thesis who suggested I should think about the applicability of Iser’s theory to actual literary analysis. I may not have put this idea to its best use at the time, but it stuck with me through all these years. This fact only, I think, is a sufficient proof that the idea is worth pursuing. Maybe in a next paper…

Ouch, could it be that I’m getting hooked on research again?

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