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Recurrent Spaces

FYI: a truly exceptional book has just been out. Its title in English would probably be “Recurrent Spaces: Interviews with Icchokas Meras and Interpretations of his Work”. The full Lithuanian title goes as follows:

Besikartojančios erdvės: pokalbiai su Icchoku Meru ir kūrybos interpretacijos, sudarė Loreta Mačianskaitė ir Skaistė Vilimaitė, Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2009

I myself translated articles by Rimvydas Šilbajoris, Audronė Barūnaitė-Willeke, Joshua Aaron Cohen, and Rabbi Rachel Esserman for this collection. It wasn’t very easy, but it was definitely worth it.

Icchokas Meras is not simply an outstanding figure of Lithuanian literature. He is an illustration of the tensions of his historical period. According to one of his peers, even in the most depressing Soviet times it seemed that the world could be saved by Tarkovski and The Beatles. Plus, by the art of Lithuanian graphics and poetry, the theater of Miltinis [...] and the new novel by Meras, “Striptease”.

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