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Readers Paint Readings

My trip to Vilkaviškis was interesting in many respects. First, it helped me contextualize myself as a Lithuanian writer (a startled stork must have dropped me onto this land by accident - I just don’t have the obligatory romantic gene). Second, it gave me a very rare opportunity to listen to another person read my work aloud (I really admire the courage of the good librarian who prepared one of the most explicit, open, and awkward scenes of sexual harassment in the book). Third, it took me to birthplaces of canonical authors of the Lithuanian literature (they wrote about what they saw as an old saying has it). But one of the most touching experiences was the presentation of an art teacher’s project where she asked half of her students to read excerpts from my books and the other half to paint what they though they heard and understood. I’d really like to share these paintings with you.

This one is done by a young man who saw my novels as an intersection of different perspectives and a fluctuation between light and darkness.

This one portrays the narrator who is stepping into a scary and unknown world surrounded by darkness but believing in light.

This one is self-explanatory. It could easily go on the cover of the next re-print.


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