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Inflation of Feelings!!!

Nikolay Rudkovsky



translated and directed by Aiste Ptakauske

Friday, February 19th, 8 PM
Saturday, February 20th, 4:30 PM
At the Irene Studio, California Institute of the Arts, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, California 91355-2397


Old ladyAllison Caldicott-Levitt

OlyaSophia Wang

TolyaBrendan McGowen

Waitress at the night club – Brittany Woodford

Vadim PetrovichTaylor Beia

KarinaJanice Pak

StripperJustin Montalvo

OLYA’S MUM – Heather Alpert

TOLYA’S MUM – Jenny Curtis

Producer of the band – Shawn Allen

Stage ManagerRebecca L. Trotter

Nikolay Rudkovsky is a Minsk based playwright who studied mathematics in high school, modern languages at Belarus State University, and theater directing at Belarus University of Arts and Culture (BUAC). He wrote his first play A Blind Star for his class mates at BUAC more than ten years ago, but it was his second play, Women of Bergman, that brought him fame outside the premises of the campus. The play was showcased and awarded in many East European theatre festivals. It was also a “visiting card” of the Theatre of Belarusian Drama for many seasons. Rudkovsky, in the meantime, worked as an actor at the Maxim Gorky National Academic Drama Theater and Russian television shows, wrote copies for TV commercials, and produced a show at a Belarusian-German radio station. Recently, he decided to take up theater directing. He directed his Women of Bergman and A Blind Star at the Belarus State University Theater On the Balcony.

The showcase of the play has been made possible through the sponsorship and support of the CEC ArtsLink (

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